Success Means Asking for Help Early in the Game!

Money is tight – even though you are working your hardest.

There doesn’t appear to be any way around the lack of income.

There are choices to make:

  1. Become depressed and do less
  2. Become anxious and drown the fear.
  3. Realize that others have come before you and have taken steps rather than sink into oblivion.

Choose Item # 3:

Action is always better than no movement at all. When in a body of water, its better to simply tread water than sink, even if you cannot move forward at the moment!

Keep on treading water, but take these steps

  1. Know there is an answer, though it may not be what you expect
  2. Be open to alternatives, alternate choices, an idea that was once unthinkable
    might be the next option
  3. Know that a good strategy begins with organization, good organization of files,
    records can be achieved with a helpful administrative person and a caring,
    tenacious bookkeeper that is dedicated to your success.
  4. Next, formulate a question – such as “Why is my shoe store failing?” or “Why am
    I not pulling in more customers for my restaurant?” It may hurt to ask this
    question. Honesty and openness are preferable states of mind, though.
  5. Once there is a question in place, then begin a search, with that exact question,
    online. It’ll amaze the number of articles and answers that are pulled up.
  6. Read everything on the topic, with a searching, open mind. The articles may not
    lead to one specific answer; however, the idea is to brainstorm. The best ideas,
    the superior answers are, after all, within.
  7. Pull employees together for a lunch/brainstorming session, company sponsored.
    Everyone has an opinion, and we all want to be heard. Let their voices be heard.
    Have someone take down the suggestions. There can be a small reward for any
    responses that have been implemented.
  8. Admit the truth about the limitations – such as, “Well, if I didn’t spend so much
    on…choose your extravagance – skiing, partying, drinking, daydreaming, buying
    clothing – and realize there is an answer for each. Learning self-discipline is
    actually a spiritual virtue, an internal procedure that will build character and
    strength that will be long-lasting.
  9. Are there excessive expenditures in equipment? Such as, “I just had to have that
    Wolf stove, it’s something I’ve always wanted and I deserve it!” When, in reality
    the budget has indicated the opposite.
  10. Unload unnecessary or excessive equipment; move to a less expensive office;
    cut down on expenditures rather than close the business.

It’s essential to remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength, self-awareness, and the willingness to improve oneself. So, let’s not wait too long before asking for help and once the situation has improved, assistance with others in need can be shared.

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